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    Facial Thread Lift by EHA Clinic


    As we age, we inevitably start to lose skin elasticity, especially around the cheeks, eyes and neck. This results in a sagging and drooping visage. Facial Thread Lift is a technique targeted at tackling sagging skin by providing immediate lifting as well as stimulating collagen production that helps restore firmness on your face over a period of time.


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    Available Hours

    • Mon – Fri: 11am – 9pm
    • Sat: 10am – 8pm
    • Sun and PH closed

    An appointment is required for this service.

    ¤ Place a S$288 non-refundable payment to reserve this Facial Thread Lift in advance. This forms part of the total payable amount so that you have an option to pay the balance amount in full or via an Installment Payment Plan at the clinic counter. ¤ Why Partial Payment Is Required?


Showing all 1 result