10000 JebPoints


JebPoints earned can be redeemed to offset future purchases and bookings.

Spend S$100 to earn 10000 JebPoints!

Valid for a limited time only.

Purchase this service now and earn 10,000 JebPoints!


What to Expect 

Spend S$100 to earn 10000 JebPoints to redeem for future purchases and bookings.

Instead of S$1-to-1 LCD JebPoint conversion, you get 100x the actual conversation rate by purchasing on Jebhealth Deals.

Purchasing Information

How It Works
  • Add to cart and pay online with your preferred payment method.
  • You will earn JebPoints after payment is confirmed and can be used to redeem for use to offset future purchases and bookings on Jebhealth Deals.
You will receive an email confirmation voucher instantly after booking. Please check your Spam folder or Promotions tab if you are using Gmail if you did not receive any confirmation.
Additional Information
  • This is only valid on Jebhealth Deals.
  • When a coupon code is used, the final number of JebPoints you earn will be adjusted downwards. You will not get the full 10000 JebPoints.
  • However, if a coupon code is modified and enables you to earn more JebPoints when used, the final number of JebPoints will be adjusted upwards.
Cancellation Policy
There is no refund for this purchase.
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