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As we age, we inevitably start to lose skin elasticity, especially around the cheeks, eyes and neck. This results in a sagging and drooping visage. Facial Thread Lift is a technique targeted at tackling sagging skin by providing immediate lifting as well as stimulating collagen production that helps restore firmness on your face over a period of time.


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What to Expect

A safe alternative to a surgical facelift, thread lifts cost less and have less downtime, which is why they are a popular “lunchtime” or “weekend lifting” treatments in Singapore. Thread lift treatments are usually performed within an hour, making it one of the best treatments for those in Singapore that are pressed for time. Thread lifts are a minimally invasive procedure that can last for approximately 1 to 2 years and can be used to lift the face, nose and brow as well as rejuvenate the skin. There are little to no side effects and almost no downtime at all.

Benefits of Facial Thread Lift

Over the years, there have been many new developments. Barbs were first added to improve the tissue traction and lifting in an Aptos thread. To remove the problems of having a permanent thread, Happy Lift was created with threads that can be reabsorbed. To improve traction, the barbs were replaced with cones, as seen in Silhouette Thread and Silhouette Soft. Various materials including Gold and elastic thread were created over the years.

Besides immediate lifting, the threads stimulate collagen production, giving the best results over time. This stimulation has resulted in a technique popularised by the Korean market where short threads are used to create a V-shaped face.

The nose thread lift procedure is a very popular procedure in Korea and Japan. The nose threads act as scaffolding, which helps to contour, define, sharpen, lift and shape the nose as desired. The threads used for the nose thread lift procedure are called PDO (polydixanone) threads. The body naturally absorbs the PDO threads over time and as they dissolve, they create new collagen and tissue fibroblasts in the skin, resulting in tightening which enhances the definition and contour of the nose.

A Facial Thread Lift can be performed in about an hour, a much shorter time compared to the traditional Face Lift. A thread lift can therefore be performed during a lunch break, or over the weekend, which makes it very popular for busy individuals. However, depending on where you have the threads inserted (e.g. full face) there will be some swelling and tenderness. Patients are advised to avoid using makeup on the area to prevent infection.

Is It Long Lasting?

The effects of a Facial Thread Lift lasts approximately 1 to 2 years. After which, the sutures will be reabsorbed into the face, slowly returning the face to its previous state; you will not need another procedure to remove these threads from your face. This makes the procedure advantageous, as the threads would not complicate any other cosmetic or reparative surgeries you may have later in life.

The results of a Facial Thread Lift are subtle and immediate, and will continue to improve up to two months after the procedure. For the best results, a repeat treatment after 6 to 12 months is recommended.


Unlike Face Lifts, Facial Thread Lifts are minimally invasive in nature. This means that only small punctures are made on the face, and no general anaesthesia is required during the procedure. Instead, your doctor will use a numbing cream, so you will not experience the ‘post-anaesthesia hangover’ that comes with the use of general anaesthesia. Facial Thread Lifts also do not bear the same risks that are associated with surgery.

As you are fully conscious during the procedure, your doctor is able to use a mirror to show you the effects of the Facial Thread Lift as he/she is performing it. You can then give feedback, allowing him to make further changes. They are the ideal solution for those who want a natural yet unmistakable improvement, without the stress, worries and downtime of a surgical procedure.

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