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Get your Life Insurance by PolicyPal. There are 2 types of life insurance available: whole life and term life.

  • Whole life does what you think it’d do, insure you for life.
  • Term life, on the other hand, insures you for a period of time or to a certain age.

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Life Insurance by PolicyPal

Life Insurance by PolicyPal 20 Year Olds

20 Year Olds

At 20, you’ll be in the prime of your life. With little to no obligations (other than student loans), you’ll have plenty of time to figure out the next 40 years of your life. Your options for life insurance are plenty since you’re still healthy and have a lot of disposable income to put towards a whole life plan.

If you buy a whole life plan, you can pay lower premiums and clear them early. You’ll also be able to have a source of funds for any emergencies or to pay off any big expenses.

You can also simply buy a term plan for 20-30 years of coverage. With the much lower premiums, you won’t have to stress out overpaying the monthly fees. You might not even have to do that if your parents bought a life insurance plan for you prior.

Life Insurance by PolicyPal 30 Years Old

30 Year Olds

Once you hit 30, you’ll probably start thinking about starting a family. You might want to buy a term life plan to cover you for 20-30 years. Your child will be able to provide for himself by then and due to the lower costs in term life plans, you can focus on providing for your child’s early life.

In addition, you can buy a whole life plan for your child. That lets your child be covered no matter what illnesses he/she may develop. The lower premiums are also a bonus, saving you money that could be put towards other things.

Life Insurance by PolicyPal 40 Years Old

40 Year Olds

When you’re 40, your kids will probably be in their teens. You’ll want to make sure that your dependents will be able to pay off their upcoming major expenses (education etc).

At this point, you’ll have about 25 years to your retirement. Beside whole life plans, consider endowment plans to help save for your retirementEndowment plans are similar to a whole life plan, with an inbuilt function to help the policyholders save.

They also provide coverage for the policyholder based on the premium size, making them very attractive for investors and the general public alike. Endowment plans have coverage periods from 3 years to 30 odd years during which your premiums will continue to grow.

Life Insurance by PolicyPal 50 Years Old

50 Year Olds

At 50, your children will probably have matured to their 20s. That means they can start entering the workforce and they won’t have to rely on you financially. Much like in your 40s, you can consider endowment plans to build your retirement savings.

However, if you are still concerned about developing health conditions in the future or you have other dependants and liabilities that have not been paid off, you can consider getting a term life policy with a shorter term.

Since you will only need about 30-40 years of coverage, a term life plan will be the most optimal for you. The low costs mean that most of your income can go into retirement planning.


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