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The Discovery PICO procedure is done using a specialised machine that emits the picosecond lasers. Before the treatment starts, the doctor will cleanse your skin, and help you put on laser protective goggles. The laser beam will be directed at the treated area, targeting the pigments in those specific areas and leaving the rest of the body untouched. The high pulses of energy (more than 800 mJ) helps the laser precisely target of big spots and small pigmented particles.


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What to Expect

Discovery PICO is a new cosmetic procedure that treats these visible pigments on the skin. It is the second generation of picosecond lasers, that can effectively fragment the melanin and pigments on the skin, without affecting any of the surrounding tissue. It is widely regarded as one of the highly innovative medical lasers available in the market.

Acne Scars

Acne has many causes and can be a result of medication or hormonal imbalance. While acne is a common problem, the resulting scars from having acne remains a source of discomfort for acne sufferers.

There is a multitude of acne treatments available, from topical creams to oral medications. However, to treat the scars left behind, aesthetic treatments like lasers are usually the most effective form of treatment like PICO Laser Acne/Pigmentation.

Acne scars come in different types, from ice pick to boxcar scars. The best acne treatment method and the resulting price you have to pay will largely depend on the kind of scars you have. Severe scars will likely require more acne treatments or a longer time to heal before a satisfactory result can be achieved. It is of paramount importance that you do your research, and only consider a medical professional who has the experience and qualification to devise an acne scar treatment for you.

Doctors who have more experience in this area, will be able to diagnose your condition with better accuracy. With a more in-depth diagnosis, you can start developing a more effective treatment regimen. The doctor will also be able to provide you with answers to questions that you may have regarding your acne problems and offer you valuable advice about acne treatments that are available in Singapore.

For medical tourists: when you visit a clinic in Singapore for your acne problems, the doctor will perform a proper diagnosis to identify the cause of your acne. The diagnosis would include a skin analysis, and may even require blood analysis and ultrasound or x-ray. It is essential that the doctor carries out a diagnosis, as they will need more information about your skin condition before they start formulating an acne treatment that best suits you.

Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation on the face is a common skin problem caused by multiple factors. Besides being hereditary, prolonged exposure to the sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays might produce an inflammatory response and trigger melanin production. When the body produces too much melanin, it gets dispersed unevenlyresulting in an uneven skin tone. Dark and discoloured spots may also appear due to acne scarring and changes in our body’s hormone levels, which as a result, will lead to an excessive production of melanin and increased pigmentation.


PICO Laser Acne or Pigmentation treatment works by lowering the pulse duration of the laser to PICO second, the ultra-short time of contact of the laser on the skin (one-tenth of the previous generation lasers), the minimal heat generated allows effective destruction and removal of the pigment with much lesser downtime and reaction. Instead of using heat to fragmentate the pigment, it is now using photo-acoustic effect. This highly effective photo-acoustic effect is also highly useful to stimulate the skin to build more collagen and improve the skin texture and quality.

Unlike previous generations of lasers, Discovery PICO has a shortened time of contact, helping to minimise heat generated and side effects. This is important for residents of Singapore, where the scorching sun can aggravate complications post-laser. With Discovery PICO, you will not need to worry about these complications.

Is It Painful?

Overall, this PICO Laser Acne/Pigmentation Treatment is comfortable, painless and does not induce any form of scarring. Patients describe the sensation as a ‘tingling feeling’ Your doctor may prescribe a numbing cream to ease the slight discomfort you might feel during the treatment process. You may also experience some redness, which normally disappears one hour after you leave the clinic.

Discovery PICO can also be used to remove tattoos. Different settings on the machine allows for the removal of different colours of ink on the skin. Discovery PICO is regarded as one of the most highly effective tattoo removal lasers in the industry. Discovery PICO also takes a short amount of time – you can complete the whole procedure within the lunch hour.

Within a few weeks after the treatment is completed, you will notice a change into the acne scar and pigments, as clear areas will begin to appear in the pigmented lesion (treated area), leaving you with clean, refreshed looking skin.

For effective removal, it may be necessary to undergo a series of treatments. Depending on the type of pigmented lesions and the degree of lesions, this procedure usually takes from 3 to 6 treatments. The melanin pigment continues to fade in between each treatment.

The above content was kindly provided by Dr. Elias Tam from EHA Clinic.

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