Shoplaq – Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste


  • A Toothpaste that highlights Plaque for targeted & effective brushing.
  • Formulation consists of 10 herbs.
  • Product was developed and marketed since 2008.
  • Currently, Shoplaq is sold to the Ministry of Health (“MOH”) in Singapore and distributed to each Primary 3 students (9 years old) for the schools. This Oral Hygiene program using Shoplaq is gradually extended to Kindergarten students in Singapore.
  • Besides being registered with the Health Science Authority, Shoplaq is also registered with the Philippines FDA.

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Sold in a pack of 3 toothpaste tubes. Each tube is sufficient for 128 applications, or can last for approximately four months.

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Simple To Use

  • DRY brush, use pea size toothpaste on brush, brush
  • Rinse, check for pink stains, brush until pink stains are clear!

Natural Ingredients

  1. Neem – Sterilize acid forming bacteria reduce decay
  2. Citrus – Natural detergent effect removes SLS
  3. Clove – Pain relief, antiseptic to reduce sensitivity
  4. Thyme – Clears throat mucus
  5. Tea Tree – Anti-bacterial agent
  6. Spearmint – Fresh breath
  7. Betel leaf – Anti Fungal – works on bleeding gums
  8. Peppermint – Soothe abrasions from tooth brushing
  9. Eucalyptus – Prevents build up of mucus in the throat
  10. Holy Basil – Binds to mercury leeching from amalgam

Additional Information

  • Shoplaq leaves a pinkish dye on the teeth and gums and therefore is recommended for use at night.
  • Brush more in areas where the pink dye is disclosing the location of plaque.
  • Gums look pinkish with the teeth in the daytime, giving a healthier look and feel.




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