Upgrade to Corporate Membership Status

From 1 April 2019 onwards, we only use corporate emails to identify corporate individuals for our JebCorporate program.  If you are a corporate individual who has joined us before 1 April 2019, you may be using your private email where we are unable to identify you as a corporate member. You can upgrade your membership status to Corporate if you are currently still tagged as a Non-Corporate member.

For Who?

  • If you are an employee of a partner corporate company.
  • If you are a member of a partner membership organisation.

If you do not belong to one of the two groups, it could be that your organisation has not signed up as a JebCorporate member yet. Learn more here.


  • Access to a larger list of GP clinics under our JebCheckIn (Corporate) program.
  • Get exclusive announcements about new JebDeals (Corporate) and corporate coupon codes.
  • Add dependents to our JebCorporate program where they get to enjoy Corporate perks as well.

Next Step

  • Fill out the form below.
  • Verification of information will be completed by the next working day.
  • Your profile will be converted to Corporate membership status once verification is completed.
  • You will receive an email alert to inform you about the application status.

Add Dependents

You can Add Dependents if you are currently already tagged as a ‘Corporate Member’.

(Note: You need to be signed in using the email registered under the JebCorporate program in order to complete this.)



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